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Signficance of name change from Saul to Paul

Interestingly, unlike other biblical characters, we are never told of a "name change" with reference to Paul. Rather, Stitched Nike NFL Jerseys Acts 13:9 tells us that Saul "also is called Paul."

Given that Paul was, according to Acts, born a Roman citizen, it is highly likely that he had a Roman name (Paulus) from birth. At the same time, his parents were devout Jews, and therefore gave him a traditional Hebrew name (Saul).

Why then the switch in usage in Acts? Recall that NFL Jerseys Wholesale at his conversion, Paul saw of vision of Jesus and was informed that he would be sent to the Gentiles. The Antioch church was a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, and Paul was probably known predominantly as Saul there, at least at first. The switch Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale in usage New Nike NFL Jerseys comes early on his first missionary journey, in connection with Paul's missionary efforts to convert a Gentile proconsul.

In view of all this, therefore, the probability is that Saul, as "the apostle to the Gentiles," Cheap Jerseys chose to use his Roman name as a matter of Nike NFL Jerseys connection to his Gentile audience.